Get ready for the year ahead

With TermTime, your institution has the ability to collect, validate, and configure the right information in order to prepare for whatever the new academic year has in store.

Collect and upload relevant data related to the academic year, vacation periods, modules and courses

Configure system settings so you’re ready to begin scheduling staff, rooms, and resources and students

Validate parameters for the new academic


Make the timetable your own

TermTime pairs governance with flexibility so your institution can reflect its unique academic needs, while giving timetablers the structure needed to create the right schedules for everyone.

Set your calendar to meet academic regulations

Structure slots based on institutionally-defined parameters


Manage users and connect systems

TermTime gives your institution the ability to manage the timetable user community and to connect to key institutional systems to ensure you have the right people and the right data involved in the planning process.

Manage timetable user access and permissions

Connect with other key campus systems such as Building Management, HR, and Student Information using out-of-the-box APIs


Change direction as needed

With TermTime, your institution has the ability to easily adapt and pivot as data and parameters change, giving you the ability to easily incorporate new or updated information as it comes to light.

Iterate and revise system settings whenever changes occur

Continue the timetable journey with

Continue the timetable journey with

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