Put the right exam schedule in the right hands  

ExamTime ensures everyone across campus – from students and academics to invigilators and estates – knows where to be and when to be there. Finalise the details and deliver individualised schedules straight to the students.

Finalise seats and resources

Ensure the right students are in the
right seats.

Assign seats based on individual location requirements

Use seat gaps to add buffer and separate cohorts

Ensure the right resources and other equipment needs are assigned to the right desks 

Prepare invigilators

Provide all the information invigilators need for the exam series.

Give a birds-eye view of the room and seat allocations so they can ensure the right student is at the right desk with the right resources

Track and report hours

Ready exam venues

Review the final exam session requirements and flag any overlooked disruptions.

Confirm resources, set-up plans, configurations, and timings

Ensure no unexpected events disrupt the exam schedule 

Manage late-breaking requests caused by unforeseen circumstances

Publish and notify

Let students know where to be, what to do, when to be there, and which seat to be in.

Communicate availability of the exam schedule

Distribute additional information to internal and external stakeholders so they understand the full picture of exams

Publish the exam schedule and push individual timetables straight to students and staff using MyTimetable

Continue the timetable lifecycle journey

Continue the timetable lifecycle journey

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