Balance student, academic, and estates needs and requirements
to create a schedule that works for everyone.

Using ExamTime, schedulers can translate hard and soft constraints
to optimise how the exam timetable
fits together. And because Semestry includes course and exam data,
exam schedulers gain a full view into a student’s timetable across courses
and exams.

Build initial framework

Quickly construct a preliminary view of the exam schedule, applying filters and previous experience that get you 80% of the way there.

Define exam sessions, including times, duration, location and room configurations

Assign student cohorts

Comply with exam procedures, estate protocols, and curriculum parameters

Get a provisional view of invigilator needs

Create the right exam conditions for every individual

Develop an optimised schedule in a fraction of the time by using ExamTime to determine how you’ll manage every request and requirement.

Calculate extra time for students who require it and add allowed minutes or percentages

Automatically re-assign exam locations for students who require their own room

Unpick parameters to accommodate remaining unscheduled activities

Apply and verify estate requirements

Ensure estates can support the current exam schedule and venue configuration.

Review room requirements such as desking and wellbeing

Mitigate other factors such as campus renovations or unplanned maintenance

Change room allocations needed to provide the right environment for everyone

Iterate and collaborate

Share initial exam schedules, assess requested changes, and revise where needed based on stakeholder feedback.

Conduct quality assurance checks against procedures, protocols, and parameters

Assess stakeholder feedback to determine which exceptions and preferences you can accommodate without breaking the existing schedule

Use MoveTime to re-assign students into different rooms and allocate seats

Piece together constraints to create individualised schedules  

Assign invigilators to sessions and identify gaps in coverage

Continue the timetable journey with

Continue the timetable journey with

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