Apply experience and expertise to wrap-up loose ends

TermTime smart features enable you to tie-up remaining activities and finish off actions that only timetablers can do.

Schedule and create any remaining activities and use SlotFinder to look for staff, room and student availability

Improve the timetable for everyone by brokering dialogue, resolving problems, catching missing preferences, and accommodating remaining soft constraints

Minimise disruption and determine acceptable clash waivers with academics and staff using MoveTime


Assess controls, check quality, and detect issues

With TermTime, you can employ smart technology to quality check your schedules, enabling you to answer the question “how well are we delivering on our promise to students and staff?”

Visualise your timetables from different perspectives including students, academic staff, and resources

Use built-in reports and smart help to gauge quality and assess KPIs

Spot anomalies in estate utilisation

Check low-hour days to ensure balanced staff workloads


Add the final touches

Use TermTime to turn insight from quality checks into actionable steps that finalise the schedule.

Apply your experience to QA outcomes to determine necessary actions

Improve student and staff well-being by adjusting the timetable to reduce stress associated with travel, time of day, or location

Add the personal touches that make the timetable just right for everyone


Initiate publication of the timetable to students and staff

With TermTime, you can easily manage the steps to transition from work-in-progress to an operating timetable.

Open self-service room bookings and change requests

Manage the impact of student swaps and student self-allocation periods

Continue the timetable journey with

Continue the timetable journey with

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