Exams are not unique. But your students’ needs are.

Deliver the right exam schedule for every student. ExamTime’s smart assistive exam scheduling allows users to configure and manage all the parameters associated with exams, from purposed venues to the staff, invigilators, and modifications your students need.

Satisfy hard constraints and individual requirements. And action any soft constraints you can to accommodate other preferences. It’s about curating, assembling and delivering a quality exam timetable.    



Curate a set of inputs for classic, take-home, or serial exams where exceptions are the rule.

ExamTime makes it easy for exam schedulers to gather and upload data from multiple internal and external sources. Using built-in tools and APIs, schedulers can ensure the right data is ready to start exam scheduling.

And because ExamTime shares resources with TermTime, integrity is assured across course and exam schedules.

Comply with exam procedures

Enforce institutional regulations governing exams, and setup the exam rules and parameters your curriculum requires.    

Define the desired time for the exam period

Set exam clear periods and maximum exam loads

Structure fixed time slots and common start times based on institutional and external examination parameters

Purpose your spaces

Leverage your campus estate and dedicated exam venues to create the capacity needed for the exam series.

Overlay room data with exam-specific layouts, properties, and profiles  

Add requirements such as room configuration, span and sharing, desking, seating density, and distancing   

Anticipate venue management needs and room layout considerations to minimise disruptions  

Set-up room positions that simplify shared exam spaces and accommodate candidates that require extra time

Maintain options for alternative spaces to accommodate special requirements for every exam need

Capture curriculum parameters

Enable all exam stakeholders to create the right conditions for your students to perform at their best.   

Prompt and support academic staff to determine exam requirements from previous exam periods and capture new needs for the series ahead 

Capture faculty availability and timing preferences to resource the academic support needed for exams

Add curriculum requirements such as exam paper needs and sequencing      

Apply student planning metrics or student data to determine the exam activities that require scheduling

Observe deadlines and wrap-up

Conduct final checks to ensure you have special requirements, estates information, and exam criteria you need to begin creating exam schedules.

Add-in data provided prior to your cut-off times

Check all your exam criteria are in ExamTime 

Incorporate student data or continue using planned student numbers 

Continue the exam journey with

Continue the exam journey with

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