Exams are not unique. But your students’ needs are.

Semestry’s smart, assistive exam scheduling allows schedulers to curate, assemble, and deliver an exam schedule for every individual student.



Curate a set of inputs where exceptions are the rule



Piece constraints together to create individualised schedules



Ensure students and staff know where to be – and when


ExamTime’s built-in tools and APIs streamline how exam schedulers gather and upload data and external factors from multiple internal and external sources. The result is a comprehensive view of inputs, giving schedulers a full view into hard and soft constraints.

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Using ExamTime, schedulers can translate hard and soft constraints to influence how the exam timetable fits together. And because Semestry includes course and exam data in a single system, exam schedulers gain a full view into a student’s timetable across courses and exams.

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ExamTime gives all students and staff holistic views into their timetable across courses and exams so they know where to be, what to do, and when to be there. Schedulers can also readily access and distribute the additional information internal and external stakeholders need to understand the full picture of exams.

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