Activate services for students and staff

With MyTimetable, your institution can take the publication steps needed to fully-operationalise your schedule.

Manage notifications and provide an audit trail of changes

Use supported integrations to connect other campus systems including Blackboard Learn, Microsoft SharePoint, Moodle, and Sakai

Enable students and staff to personalise their timetables using Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google Calendar


Achieve goals for resolution and service satisfaction

TermTime enables you to respond, act fast, and intervene as needed to manage exceptions including staff change requests and student choice.

Minimise impacts by using real-time clash alerts to manage change options

Enforce your policies to ensure academic fairness

Deal with the exceptional and unexpected by quickly identifying impacts to students, staff, or resources to provide a timely response

Slot-in latecomers


Find the right space and resource for every need

TermTime enables you to devolve resource and room bookings while maintaining the integrity of teaching commitments, so your students and staff can identify options within institutional parameters.

Optimise the use of facilities using room-pools

Retain flexibility across the institution by keeping resource booking dynamic

Identify options to meet new needs using SlotFinder

Deal with exceptions using MoveTime and vary levels of constraint enforcement to identify the best options

Automate alerts and notifications to students and staff using MyTimetable

Continue the timetable lifecycle journey

Continue the timetable lifecycle journey

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