An on-line timetable solution for universities and colleges

Student centric timetables are mission critical to educational institutions. Institutions must optimise the use of their estate, resources and staff under severe constraints. TermTime allows the freedom to build timetables collaboratively from anywhere on any device.

Organised and Connected

An open architecture that puts interoperability and control at the centre of the timetable process.

Producing an effective timetable requires as much information as possible regarding the courses, students, rooms, resources, time constraints, etc. Term Time has a published API to allow full communications and interoperability of data from a wide range of educational systems in forms such as web services and file transfer.



Users can collaborate and share schedules using the same underlying data resulting in more consensus and a better timetable.

Term Time supports centralised or distributed scheduling processes. The auto scheduler takes account of constraints at all levels – institutional, time and resource availability. The results of the auto-scheduling process can be viewed, analysed and edited by department, by course and by staff across a semester, a term, a week and a day.



Real time dashboard, metrics and reports promote a strategic view to timetable configurations and changes.

The process of setting the schedule constraints within TermTime automates the metrics by which the timetable can be assessed providing real time analysis as the timetable is generated or edited. From the same data set, TermTime can handle multiple schedules with different constraints to allow comparative views for the timetable and any subsequent changes.



An integrated and fully authenticated calendar server and portal management system connects the timetable and real time alerts directly to the student.

TermTime publishes a student teaching timetable and alerts for any changes in real time using open industry standards. This allows the timetable to be incorporated into many delivery mechanisms in addition to the systems’ internal calendar server and portal pages, with full support for delivery to mobile devices and tablets as well as laptops and desktops.


See Features in Detail

Import, verify and manage institutional data. You can manage information on a campus, building, floor and room basis. Build your course structure down to individual module offering activities.

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