UK Federation approve Semestry as a Shibboleth Service Provider.

April 6, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the UK Access and Management Federation (UK Federation) have now approved Semestry as a Shibboleth Service Provider to the UK Higher Education and Further Education sectors.

As a Service Provider, Semestry’s TermTime portals are the source of the information and resources that are accessed directly through the Shibboleth architecture. A college or university acts as the Identity Provider to provide the authentication of the user through their Shibboleth implementation to allow Single Sign On (SSO) to the TermTime portals.

UK Federation


This allows Semestry to offer seamless SSO service provision to any UK institution that is already using Shibboleth federated identity solutions.



The Shibboleth architecture defines a way of exchanging information between an individual and a provider of digital data resources. Shibboleth is able to protect both the security of the data and the privacy of the individual viewing it. The common framework for access management defined by Shibboleth is being adopted by education communities across the globe.



This SAML-based architecture allows institutions to securely pass SSO attributes when accessing the TermTime Staff and Student Portals.

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The UK federation offers its membership secure access to online resources and services through a single sign-on login, simplifying access to the services they need and protecting their privacy. It connects people from different colleges, universities and commercial providers not only in the UK, but on an international basis – linking up with federations in other countries – allowing them to share digital resources and services to authorised users.

In the UK 99.6% of universities and 86% of colleges are members of the federation. The federation is also leading in its adoption by commercial organisations, with over 240 businesses registered. These range from publishers, who use the federation to deliver their content, to providers wanting to provide special offers on services and equipment to students. Through Jisc’s leadership, the federation has made the UK a world leader in the use of this technology to support and drive the digital marketplace for the online goods and services essential to education and research today.

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