Manage and configure exams, sessions and assessment periods. ExamTime takes account of a wide range of constraints and constructs. Preferred times, day templates, sessions and pre-existing sessions, exam configurations, allocations, options and sequences, and much more…

ExamTime Features

Manage rooms and staff – invigilators

ExamTime provides a range of facilities for room and staff allocations:

  • Special requirements
  • Capacities – reserved, maximum concurrent exams,
  • Seating plans
  • Staff groups for those marked as invigilators with constraints

MoveTime for exams

MoveTime is a feature specific to calculate alternative scheduling of individual activities:

  • Alternatives can be checked manually or using the auto-scheduling algorithms
  • Checks against all time and resource constraints
  • Works in real time, against the existing schedule

Exam scheduling

MoveTime is a feature specific to calculate alternative scheduling of individual activities:

  • Accounts for resource availability, suitability, size, day, etc.
  • Includes a dry run mode to calculate the number of feasible times and rooms
  • Split exams
  • Partitions into cohorts for matching to exam sessions


ExamTime has exportable reporting as well as a fully detailed metrics page, covering reporting on:

  • Exam sessions
  • Invigilators
  • Cohorts
  • Special requirements
  • Filtering across departments, periods, modules, offer, etc.

Cloud Technology

To lower costs…

With no software to install, TermTime can be immediately available in your institutional environment without the need for dedicated and expensive computer and network infrastructure.

To speed up…

The TermTime HTML5 user interface has been designed to ensure ease of use, backed up with on-line help and collaborative views of your data for you and our dedicated support team.

Live support…

Live chat – available to speak directly with a member of our support team when you need it

ExamTime Support

Never Not Working

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With 24 hour on-line monitoring, our Service Level Agreements and dedicated support team ensure that our products and services are available at all times.

We adopt open integration protocols to provide highly-available, scalable applications and services to our customers with automated deployments around the world.


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