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Student examinations are mission critical to educational institutions. Institutions must optimise the use of their estate, resources and staff under severe constraints. ExamTime allows the freedom to build examination timetables collaboratively from anywhere on any device.

Freedom to Colaborate

ExamTime is different to other examination timetabling systems.

It isn’t just the ease, convenience and performance of its cloud-based platform available through any browser, though that helps.

It isn’t purely the unified database that supports both examination and teaching activities in the same place, but recognises the specialist needs of each. Though that’s nice.

It isn’t even the sophistication of its automated support for the key tasks. Though they are impressive.

No. It’s that all of these things are available in one place to support the quality and efficiency of your examination operation.

Explore the difference…

Advanced Scheduling Options

ExamTime offers advanced examination scheduling functionality through its unified database.

ExamTime eases the processes involved in configuring and implementing exam scheduling through the appropriate use of automated functionality and additional flexibility provided by manual intervention. The system provides comprehensive cover for sessions creation, exam splitting, allocation of invigilators, student and resource constraints, sequence relationships, etc. In addition, there is fine control of examination complexity scoring to embed institutional context in the heart of the scheduling engine and dry run to test the results.


Comprehensive Support for Student Requirements

ExamTime recognises both the importance and workload associated with supporting special examination arrangements for students.

ExamTime utilises a special requirement matrix to understand the student centric constraints with the automated listing and matching of the associated exams, invigilators and sessions for the exam partitioning and scheduling processes.


Realistic Data Structuring and Settings

ExamTime understands the difficulties and nuances of structuring data for examination timetabling and offers comprehensive support to enable you to get the best possible outcome

ExamTime provides exams and additional allowances recorded to the minute, with full control over the ratios for candidates/invigilator and exams/week. In addition there is a range of support for exclusive, shared or splittable exams, reserved capacity of the unexpected and full seating plan support.


Real Time Information and Analysis

ExamTime provides all the information needed to compare a draft schedule against an institution’s overall goals and alternative schedules.

ExamTime provides contextual feedback on the reasons when an Exam cannot be schedule with comprehensive summary data including Invigilator code and name, number of Exams, number of Cohorts, number and list of Exam Sessions, number of hours. All views and reports are provided instantly in the user interface and are downloadable in CSV format to assist further analysis and reporting.


See Features in Detail

Import, verify and manage institutional data. You can manage information on a campus, building, floor and room basis. Build your course structure down to individual module offering activities…

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