Semestry is attending the HO-Link Conference exhibition.

June 7th 2016


holink_logoThe HO-Link Conference is being held at Noordwijkerhout in The Netherlands on Thursday and Friday, June 16th and 17th, 2016. The conference this year focusses on the theme ‘Be prepared’ covering developments that have a major impact on the future of education.


Semestry will be showcasing TermTime, the cloud service for generating and maintaining teaching timetables for universities and colleges. As well as a range of scheduling tools, TermTime has numerous complimentary features such as self-service room booking, student and staff portals, integration with student information systems and multi-channel communications capabilities to ensure staff and students are kept updated with any changes in real time.

In addition to being able to view and discuss the wide ranging feature set of TermTime, Leon Smith – our Director of Services, will be presenting a paper on partnership development with Szilvia Zsoldos from Hotelschool The Hague.

The presentation ‘Preparing through partnership’ will seek to show that good tools are half the job. Consequently, facilitating the changing needs of Higher Education is a challenge for both the Institutions and their suppliers. How can a supplier make sure that they create the right products and services to meet the needs of the Dutch HE sector? How can Institutions contribute to the creation of such products?

Come and see us on the Simac stand at the exhibition, where we look forward to meeting you and hearing your plans for preparing for the future of education.


UK Federation approve Semestry as a Shibboleth Service Provider.

April 6, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the UK Access and Management Federation (UK Federation) have now approved Semestry as a Shibboleth Service Provider to the UK Higher Education and Further Education sectors.

As a Service Provider, Semestry’s TermTime portals are the source of the information and resources that are accessed directly through the Shibboleth architecture. A college or university acts as the Identity Provider to provide the authentication of the user through their Shibboleth implementation to allow Single Sign On (SSO) to the TermTime portals.

UK Federation


This allows Semestry to offer seamless SSO service provision to any UK institution that is already using Shibboleth federated identity solutions.



The Shibboleth architecture defines a way of exchanging information between an individual and a provider of digital data resources. Shibboleth is able to protect both the security of the data and the privacy of the individual viewing it. The common framework for access management defined by Shibboleth is being adopted by education communities across the globe.



This SAML-based architecture allows institutions to securely pass SSO attributes when accessing the TermTime Staff and Student Portals.

For more information go to


The UK federation offers its membership secure access to online resources and services through a single sign-on login, simplifying access to the services they need and protecting their privacy. It connects people from different colleges, universities and commercial providers not only in the UK, but on an international basis – linking up with federations in other countries – allowing them to share digital resources and services to authorised users.

In the UK 99.6% of universities and 86% of colleges are members of the federation. The federation is also leading in its adoption by commercial organisations, with over 240 businesses registered. These range from publishers, who use the federation to deliver their content, to providers wanting to provide special offers on services and equipment to students. Through Jisc’s leadership, the federation has made the UK a world leader in the use of this technology to support and drive the digital marketplace for the online goods and services essential to education and research today.

For more information on how our TermTime product line can be integrated into your existing Shibboleth infrastructure, please contact us directly at


Stop Press Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Semestry has been selected to deliver our TermTime scheduling solution for the Plymouth College of Art.

This is an exciting new project involving the deployment of sector leading scheduling and attendance systems.

More to follow..

Semestry attending UCISA 2016

Semestry will be attending the UCISA 2016 event at Manchester Central on March 16 – 18 2016


UCISA 2016 is the premier IT event for UK universities and colleges.

Semestry will be showcasing it’s full Cloud based product line including TermTime, student and staff portals, self-service room booking, full calendar server integration and many more.

We look forward to seeing you at this prestigious event.

See us on Stand 66

UNOMIA agree to becoming a reseller of TermTime in the Australian market

January 12, 2016

On December 23rd, 2015 Unomia and Semestry signed an agreement whereby Unomia are now Semestry’s first international reseller.

Unomia-logo (2)[2]

Formed by Directors with over 40 years of combined higher education experience, Unomia offers a complete range of scheduling and space management services.  Using modern, industry leading, software, a comprehensive suite of customisable, robust business processes and in depth reporting, they deliver institution-wide value and return on investment.

The services are scalable to institutions of any size, giving small institutions access to expertise they could not retain in-house, and providing larger institutions with cost saving opportunities via the efficiencies of their offerings.

There is more information on the Unomia services available at their web-site:

Clare McLaren at Unomia commented “We are excited by the opportunity to be able to bring TermTime to the Australasian market. TermTime offers users unrivalled performance in a modern, fully featured, powerful scheduling toolset, delivered securely from the cloud. Semestry’s vision for the future of the product is fully matched with their ability to deliver, giving customers much to look forward to in 2016.”

Steve Harrison at Semestry confirmed “the experience and understanding brought to the relationship is second to none in all sectors of the Australian tertiary education market. With such experience combined with the advantages the TermTime product line brings to scheduling teaching timetables, both teams are looking forward to a successful 2016.”

New ‘Dry Run’ Scheduling – It doesn’t need to be rocket science!

3rd December, 2015

The latest build of TermTime introduces ‘dry run’ scheduling for activities; a powerful tool for investigating the scheduling possibilities for activities prior to scheduling, giving the user the ability to see potential upcoming problems prior to, and during, the scheduling process.


The dry run function analyses the activities selected by the user, based on the current scheduled state of the timetable and available resources, and reports back the number of schedulable time slots available to each activity, along with the number of potential rooms the activity has the option of being scheduled into.

The latter is useful for checking the configuration of activities, and highlighting how many rooms, if any, meet the specification.  When performing this calculation on an unscheduled timetable, it helps inform the user of any activities that could never be scheduled, due to a combination of room requirements that cannot be fulfilled using the rooms and configurations present in the database.

Dry run scheduling can be performed at any stage of the timetabling process and is extremely fast, typically 50 activities a second. The ‘dry run’ value is calculated based on the currently scheduled timetable. All values are also saved in the database for later use or analysis.

When performing a dry run, each activity to be processed is treated individually, and assessed based on the availability within the timetable at that point. The activity is not scheduled at any stage during a dry run.  Therefore, the fact that bulk selections of activities can be made, and processed, will not influence the results for any individual activity within that selection.

Suggested Use

Prior to Scheduling:

Performing a dry run schedule on a completely unscheduled timetable can help highlight any unschedulable activities before any real scheduling is performed, helping the user resolve any issues with activities before they become a problem later on in the scheduling process.  This could be due to no suitable rooms for activities, or activities that cannot be scheduled due to conflicts with staff or room availability.

During Scheduling:

Performing a dry run for activities in a partially scheduled timetable will inform the user of any issues with activities based on the availability left by those already scheduled. By performing a dry run schedule, followed by a full schedule of activities, in batches (perhaps based on complexity scores, or some other activity banding), the user has access to a powerful tool for assisting in the automatic scheduling of a timetable, analysing upcoming activities prior to committing them to the schedule.


Leon Smith joins Semestry from Manchester Metropolitan University

November 16, 2015

Today Leon Smith has agreed to join Semestry as Director of Services with full responsibility for managing and delivering technical services to the company’s clients, both prospects and customers. In addition, his role will include a direct influence within the product management process and responsibility for the company’s Centre of Excellence strategy.

Leon has a wealth of knowledge in academic administration, resource planning, teaching space management and scheduling (timetabling) in Higher and Further Education. He has in-depth experience of working with institutions in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and the Middle East. Leon is joining Semestry from his current role as Director of Registry Services at Manchester Metropolitan University.


During his time at MMU, Leon has provided leadership and had responsibility for student and curriculum data management across the University in both Central and Faculty administrative service areas and in all administrative systems. This management covered undergraduate and postgraduate enrolment coordination, examination management and scheduling and degree congregation organisation and delivery.

With over 20 years of knowledge of the Higher Education sector, Leon has worked as a senior consultant for Scientia plus a range of senior positions at major UK institutions including the University of the West of England, De Montfort University and the University of Leicester.

“Leon will be a key member and leader of the growing client services team in Semestry, which we see as essential to delivering solutions and to the success to our prospects and customers” – Steve Harrison, Director Semestry Ltd.

“I’ve always striven to be at the leading edge of developments in timetabling services and solutions during my career. When the opportunity arose to join Semestry in such a pivotal role, I jumped at the opportunity as I have had first hand experience of the excellence of their systems. I have no doubt they are the future and I cannot wait to have the chance to share that with fellow timetabling professionals.” Leon Smith – Director of Registry Services, MMU.

TermTime is the most exciting development in scheduling I’ve seen in the last 5 years

Dubai Nov 8 – 10, 2015

Semestry has just attended the Ellucian Middle East Live event in Dubai showcasing it’s Cloud based scheduling system TermTime for the first time in this region.

The conference attracted over 450 Ellucian customers and representatives from universities throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Hosting this international event was Mr. Mathew Boice, the Ellucian Vice President, Middle East and Africa. As Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Mathew’s organisation covers countries from Russia to Africa, the Middle East, Europe, India and Pakistan. He has achieved dramatic growth in the last five years and has an expanding network of strategic partners throughout the regions.

At a meeting with Tony Vicente, Semestry’s New Business Development Manager, Mathew Boice said “TermTime is the most exciting development in Higher Education scheduling I’ve seen in the last 5 years”.


There will be more news on Semestry at the Ellucian Middle East Live 2015 to follow….

Lee Dumbleton Joins Our Technical Consultancy Team

We are pleased to welcome Lee Dumbleton to the Semestry technical consulting team.


Lee brings with him a wealth of scheduling and consulting experience within the Higher Education sector. He was responsible for scheduling at Coventry University for 5 years, prior to him joining Scientia Ltd and working as a senior consultant for 4 years. His experience stretches across the globe, with his involvement in UK, Middle East and Latin American University projects.

“We are delighted that Lee has joined the Semestry team. Lee’s skills will add to our expertise and provide an even broader range of knowledge and experience for our customers. We very much look forward to working with him.”

Steve Harrison, Director Semestry