London School of Business and Management, working together with Semestry Ltd

June 9th

John Fairhurst Managing Director & Academic Principal at the London School of Business and Management has been speaking with us about their experience with Semestry and TermTime.

A little background on LSBM.

The London School of Business and Management is a specialist institution in Bloomsbury, the academic heart of London. They deliver full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Business, Accounting and Finance, and Law that are awarded by the University of Northampton.

The student body is culturally diverse and dynamic. Students are at the heart of LSBM’s decision making processes, ensuring student representation on academic committees through the Student Academic Representative system.

John Fairhurst

When we undertook the process to find the right supplier for our scheduling needs, we wanted to ensure that we put our students and staff at the centre of what we wanted to achieve. We had a very challenging set of timescales to meet and we needed a supplier that would be responsive to our requirements. To add to the challenge, we were not only replacing our scheduling system, but implementing a new attendance monitoring system and reconfiguring our student record system.

We selected Semestry and their Cloud based scheduling solution, TermTime, because of their willingness to engage, listen and respond to our requirements. TermTime has proved itself to be a highly flexible, innovative and robust solution for us. In addition to a great scheduling experience, it was important that we had a partner in this process, not just a software supplier. In Semestry, we feel we have just that. When things on occasion did not go to plan, Semestry would find a solution and respond to our issues in a positive and professional manner. No project that is as demanding as ours will ever be plain sailing, but with the right partner, any problems can be successfully navigated.

Today, all of our staff and students can easily access their calendars and be rapidly notified of any changes by email or those last minute changes by SMS, and, even better, we have experienced 100% uptime of the service from Semestry.

We are looking forward to continuing to build our partnership with Semestry as we look forward to a range of exciting new developments over the coming months. I have no doubt these enhancements will support us in our mission to continuously improve our services to students and staff.


John Fairhurst

BA PgDip MPhil MBA Solicitor SFHEA
Managing Director & Academic Principal