Term Time Features

Import, verify and manage institutional data

  • You can manage information on a campus, building, floor and room basis.
  • Build you course structure down to individual module offering activities.
  • Define your staff availabilities.
  • Integrate your student choices and preferences.

Collaborate between departments and central resources

  • You can share, edit, merge schedules to build and publish a working timetable.

Real time information and analysis

  • You can instantly compare your draft schedule against your overall goals.
  • View the state of your timetable through a dashboard.
  • Produce a range of reports for efficiency, occupancy, etc.

Students have instant access to timetable and any changes

  • Via an institutional web portal.
  • Via mobile apps.
  • Via integration with personal calendars.

Browser interface

The latest HTML5 interface giving the freedom to deploy on the desktop and tablets.


Instant access with real time changes, integrated with Apps and on-line calendars.

Cloud Technology

To lower costs…

With no software to install, TermTime can be immediately available in your institutional environment without the need for dedicated and expensive computer and network infrastructure.

To speed up…

The Term Time HTML5 user interface has been designed to ensure ease of use, backed up with on-line help and collaborative views of your data for you and our dedicated support team.

Live support…

Live chat – available to speak directly with a member of our support team when you need it

Read about support with Term Time

High speed internet connectivity combined with industry standard protocols allow for instant access, worldwide…

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