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A fast moving and demanding education sector deserves a scheduling and resource management partner that is up to the challenge.

Semestry was founded in 2013 in the UK, well Scotland to be precise. We were formed with the express mission to deliver a better, simpler yet richer scheduling and resource management solution to universities and colleges globally. We are driven by innovation and the belief that there is a better way to help our customers to serve their learners, staff and partners in a more inclusive, collaborative and effective manner.

Delivering our vision has led us to design and build TermTime, the world’s first built for the cloud scheduling and resource management solution for tertiary education. Our company is our people and we have brought together expertise from education, software and the services sectors. We understand the issues that face our customers and by working closely with them we are building a better way forward through our partnerships.

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TermTime and ExamTime are the go-to choice for universities looking to optimise their schedule and resource management processes. Find out more…

An online timetable solution for universities and colleges

The online examination solution for universities and colleges

Our Partners

Together, we accelerate innovation in scheduling for education institutions.

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